Natural gas

Natural gas is a mixture of gases which are rich in hydrocarbons

natural gas

Natural gas is a mixture of gases which are rich in hydrocarbons.As the name suggests it is found in earth’s crust naturally.Although for proper utilization it needs to be processed and get converted into a cleaner fuel.

The impurities present needs to be cleaned so that it can be used for the benefit of mankind.Natural gas itself has lot of by products which can also be used industrially.

Natural gas is mainly used in heating and cooking in most U.S households.It is delivered through pipelines or in tanks as CNG.( compressed natural gas ). It is used for space heating, lighting fixtures, stoves, ovens, etc domestically.

It is used in industrial processes in many industries like plastics, pharmaceuticals, antifreeze, fertilizers, fabrics etc.It is also used as vehicle fuel and electricity generation.It is also used in commercial buildings for various purposes.

Natural gas reserves are found abundantly in Russia, Iran, Qatar, Turkmenistan, United States etc.Recent discovery of shale gas has created some disagreements regarding the proven gas reserves as the quantum of availability of shale gas in different regions of the world is still being accessed.Shale gas has come into being only in the last decade or so and has been commercially viable in recent times due to the development of advanced technology and research.

The development of shale industry has resulted in a price war between the crude oil and shale gas manufacturers as supply has exceeded demand due to an economic downturn.U.S has become self reliant in its quest for energy security and with improving market conditions and prices it may well be a big exporter of shale gas going forward.

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