Introduction To Energy Resources


Energy resources can broadly be classified into two categories i.e renewable and nonrenewable resources.Renewable energy can further be divided into crude oil and natural gas..During the last decade or so energy prices remained high and that effected inflation in developing as well as developed economies.Energy produces light, heat, motion, sound, and growth. The energy resources we are discussing is non- renewable in nature and discussion is done purely from the trading perspective. Non- renewable energy sources are polluting in nature.Today mankind has developed other forms of energy resources like wind, solar, nuclear, etc but still the dependency and survival of mankind is not thinkable without nonrenewables. With the development of shale gas technology the supply demand dynamics of the nonrenewables has changed affecting the prices negatively.These energy sources are called nonrenewable as it cannot be replenished in a short span of time.
Energy is used in our day to day lives as well as industrially. The sector which uses energy includes construction, mining, farming, fishing and forestry.The transportation sector includes land transportation,water ways , and aviation industry which is almost completely dependent on nonrenewable source of energy. Natural gas compared to crude is a cleaner source of energy.Climate change and its consequences are forcing the world to look for alternative sources of energy but so far it has had a limited success.Life without energy is unthinkable into today’s world !

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