About Sourabh

My career in active commodity trading started in 1st August , 2008.The very first major event I witnessed was the collapse of lehman brothers. There was chaos and uncertainty in the markets.That event changed the commodities market forever. And the phrase ‘ QUANTITATIVE EASING’ became a household name.The QE factor ultimately resulted in an unprecedented rise in base, precious and energy prices.

Previously I was into manufacturing plastics for a decade and that laid the foundation for understanding the commodities market in general.It has been a very fascinating and rewarding journey in trying to understand and dissect this complex web of commodities.Since I was into the manufacturing sector so I started my career in commodities from base metals.

After nearly a decade of active trading and research I feel the urge to share with fellow market participants and wanna be traders of my experiences in trading. During this course I made lot of mistakes which I will share with my readers.This is my first attempt at writing blogs and I sincerely hope to do Justice to this job.

I will try to give daily an in-depth analysis of base metal prices and market commentary regarding commodities whenever I feel that there is something important to share with my readers.

Writing each article takes lot of time and research and its not like wasting your few minutes!

Finally I want all my readers to benefit from my analysis and help them become a better trader..